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» » East Imperial Magic Linux Recovery 1.2 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual

East Imperial Magic Linux Recovery 1.2 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual

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East Imperial Magic Linux Recovery 1.2 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual
Windows x86/x64 | File size: 41.21 MB

When the command line is not enough, use Magic Linux Recovery to fix disk errors, repair corrupted volumes and extract files and folders from a bunch of Linux and Unix file systems. The tool supports all the classic file systems including Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, ReiserFS, as well as UFS1 and UFS2. FAT and exFAT commonly used on external media are also supported.

Features and Benefits
Magic Linux Recovery gives Windows users access to files and folders stored on Linux and Unix-formatted disks and offers the ability to fix issues with deleted partitions or corrupted disk volumes. Magic Linux Recovery supports disks and partitions created in all common Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, MX Linux, Manjaro, Linux Mint, Solus, and many others. File systems used in Unix-like operating systems such as FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MINIX and many others are also supported through the convenient, wizard-based user interface.

Data Extraction
• Access data stored on Linux and Unix partitions from your Windows computer;
• Copy information stored on Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, ReiserFS, UFS1 and UFS2 volumes.

Data Recovery
• Undelete files and folders from a wide range of Linux/Unix partitions;
• Recover all types of data from various storage media;
• Run Instant Analysis to access deleted files in a matter of seconds;
• Analyze the entire disk surface with Deep Scan to find missing files even if the file system is missing.

Disk and File System Recovery
• Repairs errors in common Linux and Unix-based file systems;
• Rebuilds corrupted disk volumes;
• Discovers missing partitions and repairs GUID partition tables;
• Recognizes and supports native Linux and Unix partitions in Windows environment;
• Effectively fixes most common logical disk errors.

Powerful Data Recovery
Magic Linux Recovery shares its data recovery engine with our top of the line tools, delivering the latest developments in data recovery to your fingertips. The tool offers a straightforward and fully automated way to recover data from Linux and Unix file systems in the convenient Windows environment. Instant Analysis and Deep Scan correspondingly offer near-instant data recovery or comprehensive analysis of the entire disk surface.

Instant Analysis
Instantly access deleted files and folders on healthy disk volumes. Magic Linux Recovery analyzes the file system to discover deleted files and folders in a blink of an eye, offering fast and secure recovery in just seconds.

Content-Aware Analysis
If the file system is corrupted, or if there is any type of logical damage preventing normal disk access, the Content-Aware feature will help to locate and recover supported files by analyzing the entire surface of the hard drive. Content-Aware uses the smart signature analysis to match the content read from the disk surface against a database of supported file formats. Once a signature match is detected, the algorithm performs the analysis of the alleged file header to determine the exact format, beginning and length of the file. By performing the Content-Aware analysis on the disk, you are likely to recover files deleted days, weeks or even months ago.

Data Recovery Wizard
Magic Linux Recovery by East Imperial Soft employs the familiar wizard-driven user interface, guiding users through the recovery process one step after another. The data recovery wizard makes the process safe, easy and fully transparent.

The Choice of File Destinations
When recovering a large data set, it is important to choose a separate storage media as a destination. With Magic Linux Recovery, you'll have the choice of saving files to one or more local and attached storage devices, network shares, or remote servers via the FTP protocol.

Virtual Disk Images
You may choose to perform the recovery on a virtual disk image instead of the physical drive. Magic Linux Recovery can be used to both image the source drive and to process the resulting disk image for the purpose of data recovery. When working with disk images, the original data is stored safely on the hard drive. This feature greatly increases the chance of successful recovery from storage media on the verge of failure.

Repair Disk System Structures
Magic Linux Recovery can repair corrupted disk structures such as the GUID partition table or volume headers. In addition, the tool can scan and repair the file system, fixing errors that cannot be repaired by the command line tools built into your Linux distro. The tool can repair many common file systems natively supported in Linux and Unix-like operating systems.

Recover Files from Formatted and Repartitioned Disks
If you are a Linux user attempting to recover files after accidentally repartitioning the disk or formatting the volume, Magic Linux Recovery is the tool to use to recover the files and folders. Magic Linux Recovery will scan the hard drive to find the original disk volumes and recover the files and folders.

All Types of Storage Media
Linux can utilize many types of storage media, and Magic Linux Recovery can recover them all. Internal and USB hard drives, flash drives and memory sticks, memory cards and just about any type of mechanical or solid-state storage media are supported regardless of their size. The general rule for internal hard drives is: if the hard drive can be recognized by your computer BIOS, Magic Linux Recovery can supported.

All Types of Files
Magic Linux Recovery can recover all types of files including images, documents, text files, databases, archives, and so on. In addition, comprehensive recovery based on signature analysis is available for several hundred file formats via content-aware analysis. This feature relies on the database of file signatures, allowing the tool to identify and locate many types of files if the file system on the disk cannot be recognized.

What's new
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East Imperial Magic Linux Recovery 1.2 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual

East Imperial Magic Linux Recovery 1.2 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual

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