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» » Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.1.2 RePack by JekaKot

Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.1.2 RePack by JekaKot

Author: xxx on 20-01-2020, 14:21

Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.1.2 RePack by JekaKot
Language : Russian / English / Deutsch | File Size: 1.5 GB

AutoCAD 2020 is more than design. Customize your world with AutoCAD's powerful web-based CAD tools, developed by Autodesk. The product allows you to create impressive 3D-projects, with high speed to produce working documentation and work together in the cloud.

Key features:
• AutoCAD allows you to solve the most complex design problems. Means of creating arbitrary shapes simulate a wide variety of bodies and surfaces; project verification time is significantly reduced; parametric drawings help keep all the information you need on hand. Design ideas can be visualized in PDF format, as well as implemented in mock-ups obtained through 3D printing. Even when ideas did not turn into reality so quickly.
• Reduced time costs due to parametric drawings. Parametric drawings can significantly reduce project verification time. It is possible to specify dependencies between objects - for example, parallel lines automatically remain parallel, and concentric circles always have a common center.
• Freedom of creativity: work with arbitrary forms. Now you can embody any ideas of the project, giving free rein to creative thought. To create complex shapes, simply move faces, edges, and vertices.
• Improved PDF support. Transferring and reusing data has become surprisingly convenient and easy thanks to improved support for the PDF format. The size of published files has become smaller, support for TrueType fonts has been added. New import and use options as substrates allow you to add PDF files directly to AutoCAD drawings.
• 3D printing of AutoCAD models. You can not only visualize projects, but also turn them into reality. Physical mock-ups of projects are created by output to a 3D printer (own or owned by a specialized company providing 3D printing services).
Convenience of creating and editing dynamic blocks. The introduced improvements helped simplify the creation and editing of dynamic blocks. Thanks to the improved display and selection of objects, the tools for working with dynamic blocks significantly reduce the time required to produce documentation.

• Intelligent centerlines and center markers
• Resizable dialog boxes
• Extended PDF
• Intelligent sizing tools
• Tag clouds
• Advanced interface
• Impressive graphic presentation
• Calculation of reality
• Online maps
• Tool for extracting curves from surfaces
• Context-sensitive tool "Pull"
• 3D modeling tools for arbitrary shapes
• Surface analysis
• Management of the viewport in the workspace
• Coordination model
• AutoCAD 360 Pro Mobile Application
• Sharing of species
• Import PDF
• 3D printing
• Project Channel
• Related design decisions
• TrustedDWG Technology
• Interaction with A360
• Import Inventor files
• Transfer Tools
• Autodesk PC application
• Cloud service
• Monitoring system variables
• Exchange Apps
• Synchronization of customized settings and support files
• Interface for the development of specialized applications
• Customizable and extensible ribbon interface
• Application development support

Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 Benefits:
• Tape galleries. Take advantage of easy access to drawings from the tape.
• A modern interface and productivity tools save time, such as the New Tab page, feed galleries, and command previews.
• Modeling a variety of bodies and surfaces by means of creating arbitrary shapes.
• Collaboration using TrustedDWG technology.
• Significant reduction in project verification time.
• Convert online maps to static images and with the further possibility of printing them.
• Parametric drawings allow you to keep at hand all the necessary information.
• The project channel can be used on the corporate network.
• The function of visualizing interesting project ideas in PDF format, as well as translating them into layouts through 3D printing.
• Full support for Windows 10.

System requirements:
- Microsoft® Windows® 10, Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Update KB2919355, Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (x64)
- 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
- Display Resolution: 1360x768 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color. 125% Desktop Scaling (120 DPI) or less recommended.
- Display Card: Windows display adapter capable of 1360x768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX® 9 ¹. DirectX 11 compliant card recommended.
- Disk Space: Installation 6.0 GB
- Pointing Device: MS-Mouse compliant
- Digitizer: WINTAB support
.NET Framework: .NET Framework Version 4.6
- ToolClips Media Player: Adobe Flash Player v10 or up

What's New in Autodesk AutoCAD 2020:

Assembly Information:
• The source material for creating the assembly is the original ESD distributions.
• Integrated Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.1.2 Update.
• Added the ability to install local help.
• Added the ability to install VBA.
• Updated Autodesk Licensing app to version of 08/08/19.
• Removed Autodesk Desktop App, Autodesk Single Sign On Component, and Autodesk Genuine Service.
• Technical improvements have been made that save the end user from a number of problems when installing the program.
• Added instructions for installation and activation.
• Author repack - JekaKot


Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.1.2 RePack by JekaKot

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