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Real Cut 1D 11.3.1

Author: xxx on 31-10-2019, 11:36

Real Cut 1D 11.3.1
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Real Cut 1D is a handy program that can help you calculate the best cutting angle and dimension for certain linear pieces such as bars, pipes or tubes.

Reliable component analyzer
The application can help you find the best cutting points for various bars or pipes. This can reduce the waste created by inefficient or miscalculated cuts, because a good cut can save enough reusable material for other parts.

In order to create the best results, the program needs correct input data. Real Cut 1D supports input for mobile parts, as long as you select the rotation axis, which can simultaneously be any combination between Ox, Oy and Oz. This ensures the best cutting angle for 2D and 3D moving parts.

Detailed technical specifications
The program allows you to set specific settings for each managed component. You can set the cut thickness, useful when using a wide cutting tool to trim away excess material.

In addition, you can set how many parts you need to obtain from a certain component, as the application will provide you with optimal cutting points and angles for each piece.

Real Cut 1D can help you find the best way to limit costs and waste, by allowing you to compare the waste created from cutting a piece and the cost of new pieces to cut from. The program can be set to make precise calculations, at the cost of waiting time.

A strong work optimization tool
The application can help you optimize your work, by calculating the best solution for cutting certain pieces or components. You can use all your materials efficiently, thus reducing overall costs and waste.


length optimization - Optimization of linear materials such as bars, pipes, tubes, profiles, frames etc

Any measurement metric- The way in which you introduce the data is a general one. You don't have to specify a metric. Just choose a metric in your mind and enter all data using that metric only.

Fractional input - You may introduce data either real as 100.5 or fractional as 100 1/2. Precision for fractions can be set from menu Settings. Do not mix real values with decimal separator (".") with fractional values. Choose one style and stick with it.

Adjustable cutting blade thickness- You may change cutting saw thickness from menu Settings.

Adhesive labels - printing adhesive labels for each part.

Grouping identical parts - The displayed results are shorter.

Printing the obtained layouts - on any printer.

CSV Support. Loading and saving data (parts and results) from/to *.csv.

XML Support. Loading and saving data (parts and stock) from/to *.xml.

Very fast running time - Solutions are obtained within seconds.

Interface in multiple languages.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


Real Cut 1D 11.3.1

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